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The registrar at PCNW wrote back saying all I had to do was reassure her I knew the material in the prerequisite class. So I did that!

I got an assignment for Real Change last night, a candlelight vigil for the victims of Katrina. I'm not sure, actually, what the sponsoring organization was. The organizer started off with an introduction and some remarks that were pretty good, then gave the mike to a reverend who gave the opening prayer. After that, it was an open mike for people who felt like doing so to come up and speak. As is the case with these things, some people were moving, some were rambling and soporific. But overall, there was a positive energy. Many people said we have to stop taking it and stand up for ourselves.

For a while I was thinking about the Art of Resistance procession I covered back in mid May, and how incredibly lame it was to me. It was strictly middle class downwardly mobile Caucasoid slackers (much like myself, of course). A woman gave a short speech in Spanish. While she was speaking, I wondered if anyone understood her. As it turned out, there was: One of the bums in the park did.

I've covered five or six union events over the summer. They've all been multiethnic and multiracial. Last night I felt that the fluff of the Art of Resistance had been washed away, and finally I was left with the core of the beginnings of action, what I was at last night.

There weren't many people. I counted 42 before we started, and enough arrived during the event that we may have gotten up to 60. Somebody passed a bucket and we raised a couple hundred dollars to go towards a project one of the speakers was coordinating.

As I said, I felt like there was a core there, a core that will keep growing.

I've already told the RC editor that I'd like to keep working with him when I get back. My schedule will be full, which is always nice: A class on Monday nights, Riley care, Real Change photography, and exploring Seattle with Julie. I also think that with the earlier sunsets I'll get back into neon pictures, which I've been hankering to do, believe it or else, for quite a while.
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