Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

I'm typing on my nepew's laptop, which has a different keyboard than I'm used to, and a dirty screen (good heavens!) and I don't have my computer glasses. So if I left a couple a few typose slip through, that's why;.

It's a poor workman what blames his tools. So they say.

So far: So good. Got in fine. Got in to town fine, had a Buona Beef last night for dinner. Then I got tired, and thought I was sacking out, except my body thought it was a nap. Sigh. So I read "Art & Fear", which was very intriguing. Like "How I Learned Not To Be A Photojournalist," I thought it would have much more meaning if I read it again in six months, after letting it sink in.

Tomorrow, breakfast at the Oak Park Original Pancake House with my sisters and nephew. I don't know what else for the rest of the day. I hope the barbershop is open. Hah!

We watched Kung Fu Hustle tonight, which was pretty funny. As I type, I'm finding out who all my nephew's AOL IM buddies are -- "Ignition Penguin" is the most amusing name that's popped up so far. I'm manfully resisting the temptation to start chating with everyone. LOL. OMGWTF. BRB. Think I could handle an IM conversation? LOL. But at the first "Hah!" they'd get me. Hah! See? It wouldn't take long.

At dinner my siblings and niblings were talking about the French Quarter and I kept thinking of "An X walks into a bar..." jokes.

Well, anyway, thought I'd check in whilst I had the chance. Hope everyone is doing well. See you soon!
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