Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

ZATC D2.2: Bolo, Hero of the Revolution

Julie's shipping crate got packed today. The masterful job of coordinating was done by Bolo, who managed to get absolutely everything into the crate. Including a few things Julie was convinced she'd have to leave behind: A couch, a credenza, a bookcase, and some other stuff. It was filled top to bottom and side to side. Yee hah!

The other helpers were richardsrussell, her dad, her middle brother, herself, and myself. All in all, despite the heat, it went very well. It took two hours start to finish, including panic and reorganization times. Yeah!

Now we're cleaned off and refreshed. Julie's running one last errand, and after that, it's unplug the phone and hand me the remote control.
Tags: zoom across the continent

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