Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

ZATC D4: Hellooooo from Fargooooooo

We got on the road about 8:45 this morning, and drove pretty steadily to Fargo, ND. We're now at the C'Mon Inn (really) which would be a great hotel for a relaxacon or family reunion except, you know, it's in Fargo. But it has a great atrium with plenty of tables, a beautiful pool area, and even, theoretically, high speed internet access! Except it took nearly an hour, many curses, three different kinds of hardware, and a call to TDS tech support before it began to work.

See how much we love you? We loooooove you.

The drive was very pleasant, nothing slowed us down. People in the Twin Cities drive REALLY weavy, but that was okay. We had a late breakfast at the Norske Nook (fabled in legend) but no pie.

Julie has talked to her parents, and is now preparing our snacks of foccacia bread and balsamic dipping sauce -- served, of course, on Hello Kitty cake plates. Of course!

And too all a good night.
Tags: zoom across the continent
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