Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

Pretty good so far, I guess.

We've cleaned up the bathroom (for the male value of "we" that involves any bathroom cleaning, of course1) and rearranged my bedroom so it's "our" bedroom.

Art Widner is also staying here, and hopefully enjoying himself. Monday Julie and I took him to Judy Fu's, because he had not yet been taken there during his birthday week celebration. When his granddaughter asked him "How was your birthday party?" he said "Which one?"

A few large parties had all arrived at about the same time, so although they had tables for two we three had to wait a while. Then several tables cleared off at once. Oh well. But the food was tasty as usual.

Tuesday Jane and I went out to anitar and jackwilliambell's to have a meeting with them and Anita's sister, M-----, about the next step in the process. I think it was productive, with movement and action items on several major issues. Hah! Gotta dust off the meeting vocabulary I guess. Anita made a great roast pork, marinaded to allegedly provide a taste of wild boar. This was amusing to us all, because of course none of us know what wild boar tastes like (my Uncle Will would have said "tastes like chicken," his response to any exotic meat). Julie had the house to herself! That rarely happens to me, dang it!

Wednesday we had intelligentrix and slave_driver over for dinner. I made lamb chops, steak, stir fried some zucchini in olive oil with curry powder and a shallot, and sauteed mushrooms with basil and PickaPeppa sauce. Widely considered tasty by all. tamiam showed up by welcome surprise, and we made a space for her and were able to feed her, too. Yeah!

Today Jane is off at Computer Workshop for the afternoon, and will make roast beast for dinner. Art is off on walkabout, I think, and Julie and I will go off to Best Little Rabbit Rodent and Ferret House. (If you know Julie, tell me -- do you think she'll like visiting there?)

Tomorrow: Foolscap! Several LJers will be there, of course, and Saturday night will be a Potlatch party. We're looking forward to it.

1    "You helped a little," Julie clarified, holding her thumb and forefinger together.
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