Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

I had an interesting, multi-layered dream this morning. The parts I remember most vividly are figuring out a computer that had a scrollable screen (that is, you could physically roll the screen up and down, like a window blind, although even at its largest it was pretty small). And there was an ice cream parlor called "Psyche and Circe". What do they have to do with ice cream? Maybe I'll ask the Oracle of Google.

Towards the end of the dream, though, I'd been trying to think of a plot for a science fiction novel. I didn't get one, but I did get a title and some background details.

The earth is farmed. (That's the way the thought came to me in the dream.) All manufacturing happens off planet; there are elevators to get up to geosynchronous orbit around the equator. All travel happens on mag-lev roadways. No one owns a car, but they're all freely available, and range in size from individual, for commuting or short trips, to large enough for fifty people or so, for cross- or inter- continental traveling. The earth, and its surrounding colonies, exist in a post scarcity economy.

But the source and emphasis of that first sentence is that everyone does most of their own food production, with small farmers' markets to provide the rest. In this world, there are no multi-thousand acre monoculture farms.

Such large, monocultural farms exist now because of a couple historical circumstances; the three main ones I see being: (1) the earth has a relatively low population density; (2) "money" exists as a particularly inefficient and corrupt rationing system; and (3) we have a relative abundance of an extremely versatile chemical family (the hydrocarbon chains of petroleum) that we use in its most inefficient manner (internal combustion).

I should add that in the dream the idea came pretty much full blown; but sitting here, typing it into the Semagic window, I'm becoming too concerned with what one or another person might think, and here-to-there logic, both of which I consider tertiary concerns, at best, at this point in the thinking.

Um, anyway, so everyone does their own farming, there are small farmers' markets to share and trade surpluses, and the earth is very densely populated, at least a multiple of our current population.

I don't know what "R.R.T." stands for, but I do know "the new earth" of the title refers to a planet in a different solar system.

This is the way of all ideas that come to you in a dream, I guess. The grandeur of them is deflated by the light and logic of day. Sucks, I tell ya. ;>
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