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Adding a third person to the household has multiplied the chaos, not merely added to it. [Edited to add: I mean that in a good way. I like chaos.]

Last night, during dinner, I said "I want this to happen every night." It was me, Jane, Julie, and Art, and we ate Jane's roast beast, with broccoli and hollandaise. Mmmm, it was wonderful. After dinner, Art, Jane, and I watched the restored Metropolis, which is really good. Then Art and I watched two of the featurettes about the restoration.

This afternoon, intelligentrix and slave_driver came over to use our computers. And this evening, Julie and I went to Foolscap briefly, mostly to have dinner with kalimac and wild_patience, whom she hadn't seen in a couple years. The group also included jerry_kaufman, svtompkins, Marci M. and Art Widner, and much good conversation was had.

After that was the Artist's Reception, where I had mumblety chocolate covered strawberries and Julie claims she only had one piece of cheesecake. After that, food stupor took over and we repaired back to Seattle, where we snuggled rats, talked with Jane, and then came upstairs where we've been reading LJ on one computer and playing Breakquest on the other. She was supposed to cure me of that! This is like all the times I had a woman move in with me on 2nd Ave. hoping that would cure me of Mac'n'Cheese.

Tomorrow: We work on tidying up the office, and go to Foolscap in the evening.
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