Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

I like living with juliebata in ways I didn't expect to. Of course, I anticipated the snuggling and conversation, but didn't think that it would be comfortable for me to share an office with someone. Or that I could say "which of these two pictures do you prefer?" and generally agree with her. (Actually, I've only asked so far when I've had a slight preference myself already; her preference has agreed with mine often enough that I'll know what to do when it doesn't.) I also like having a neater place; I'm one of those people who like having cleaned as opposed to cleaning. Like the would be writer who likes having written as opposed to writing. In any case, I made a big dinner last night, and the kitchen was notably clean this morning, much cleaner than it would have been without Julie here. For which I thank her!

Tuesday was the first day of Digital Shooting 1 at Photographic Center Northwest. I can tell right now that it'll be a completely different experience than the NSCC class. For one thing, no tedious fifty shot reference sequences for depth of field and angle of view. We're actually looking at and talking about photographs and photography. Whaddaya know! And there are five other students with Nikon D70s, so the whole skill level is different.

I was so inspired by the class that I drove all over taking pictures afterward. Everything was horribly over exposed, a neat trick for night photography. Hah! Oh well.

Yesterday I went to the Frye again, for some more pictures. Coming up they have a blessing of the animals on the 4th, and a pumpkin carving contest, Halloween party, and a Thanksgiving. As soon as I stepped into the lobby, I saw some people I had photos for, and they were happy to have them, and talked with a couple other people. One of the people I've worked with is a volunteer at a free vet clinic, and she's suggested my name for their holiday card. Yeah! She used the infamous "You'll get plenty of exposure" pitch to me. Well, I'm still at the point where that's a good thing, but I yearn for the day when I can retort "People die of exposure, you know." Hah!

I get the feeling there are some people who feel grumpy that I'm taking pictures of animals and not people, and I should suggest that we open the offer to anyone who wants their picture taken. I'd like to earn the authority to just be there, and not have anyone worry about who or what picture I'm taking. Also, be able to go around on my own.

This evening I have a Real Change assignment, a budget hearing in the Central District. Hah! Today Julie and I were going to go to Madison Park (both the neighborhood and the park) but it's windy and cloudy. We'll stay home to work on things like the rat cage and office set up.

That's the news from the northwest quadrant.

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