Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

How it works: Google "$name needs" and take the first ten results. Via bibliofile.

Luke needs a hand.
... Department of Education ruled Luke needs 24-hour residential education and
... experts testified that Luke needs to attend a 24-hour residential school ...
Luke needs free KU stuff *cough basketball tickets cough*.
Luke needs to understand exactly how democracy works.
Please send something because luke needs the support.
Saint Luke Needs You Saint Luke Update Current Schedule
Luke needs socks. “Tickle the tummy!!” Change baby’s diaper. Pick up baby and
tiptoe past four ... Luke needs socks. “Here, sweetie, take the spoon. ...
So, if Luke needs to hear from me that I do not authorize his work in these
arenas, here it is.
Luke needs to do an actual update on his Lj.

Wait, that was 11.

A slight cheat on my part: I left out all obvious Star Wars references and the second reference to a "Saint Luke."
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