Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

Well, it's been a long time since an actual update.

I've attended two classes of Photography 1: Digital Shooting at PCNW and have really enjoyed them both. During both classes there has been one moment where I felt entirely happy to be there, like it was right and just with the world. Hah!

We had to take a minimum of 24 pictures, print a contact sheet, and bring an 8x10 of our favorite to the class. I shot more than 90, actually, and brought two to the class. I also brought two of the recent pictures I took at the Frye (I should get around to posting and organizing those soon, as I'm going back there Friday to deliver pictures. Hah!) Next week we have to shoot at least 36 and bring two of our favorites. Hah!

The blessing of the animals was nice, but pretty short. I'm starting to feel comfortable around the Frye. I took some pictures of a woman with her Winnie the Pooh, but they were all over exposed. Sheesh! Oh well. Some of the pictures of the blessing of the animals turned out okay, but there were only a couple people there, and the priest didn't want his picture taken. Fair enough.

My favorites, though, were of the piano and some shadows. Even though it turned out okay, um sort of, the settings on the camera were way goofy. I hope it's sunny Friday.

The best thing about the blessing of the animals was that the community director had put together a display of the pictures I took, on 4x6 paper, accompanied with quotes from the people and biographies of the people and the animals. It was very cool, as far as I'm concerned.

Today I got a haircut, went to Glazer's and got some photo paper, and pretty much have sat around the rest of the day. Vonda had Jane, Julie, and me over for dinner, very tasty lasagna. We were pretty full for quite a while there.

After we came home I sat down for one quick game of BreakQuest. Hah! Well, it was one game. 14,000,000+ points. Sheesh. The very first time I ever sat down to any kind of computer, at Windycon 3 twenty seven years ago, I played BreakOut. They say addicts remember their first encounter with the addictive substance. And here I am today!

Enough pointless chatter. Hah!

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