Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

I didn't realize it's been almost two weeks since a newsy update. So, here you go.

Well, what IS the news? Photography class continues to go well. "No Metal NO METAL" was a big hit. I'm falling into an ego trap, though. Learning to critique in this kind of class is much more important than being critiqued, and that's a difficult reach for me, currently at least. There are lots of good photographs every week from the students.

One of the people at the Frye volunteers at a free veterinary clinic and wants me to work with the clinic to do its Christmas card. I'm going to call her later today.

I went to a fundraiser for the Freedom Project, a group that teaches nonviolent communication to prisoners and excons. It was actually a lot of fun, and very informative. Particularly exhilirating was the short performances (three, of one or two songs each) by the Total Experience Gospel Choir. I gave the leader my email address and phone number and offered to be their photographer. I think one of the things I really like about my work with Real Change is that I'm being brought into contact with Christians working for social justice.

I spent some time last week with Riley. When he's over here, I basically watch him play and talk with him. Sunday, Jane and I took him to McDonald's in Redmond. That's fun, too, but there's little interaction with him, you just turn him loose. When he comes back to the table every ten minutes or so, you hand him another chicken McNuggett. It's good to teach him American dietary practices at an early age, it's what made us what we are today. Just kidding.

If you've been following juliebata's journal, you know she's been sick this last week or so. Yesterday was her first full day on the prescription, and it gave her a headache. Sigh. I haven't checked in on her today, I got up surprisingly early for me these days. Hah! At least her bladder is getting better. This has kept us both in my office, not doing errands or exploring as much as we might want to.

Most of my reading these days continues to be photography books. I got a collection of Tina Modotti's work, which tends to be both very warm emotionally and socially concerned. And Manuel Alvarez Bravo, a contemporary of hers. His photos have a lot of top light and high contrast, befitting of photographs taken in Mexico. There's a paricularly moving sequence in the book of a young woman holding a sugar skull for the Day of the Dead, then a striking worker assassinated and bloody in the street, then a statue of Christ with the crown of thorns and wounds. The introductory essay was too pretentious for me to read.

I'm currently reading the introductory essay to Imogen Cunningham: Flora, and the pictures are wonderful, too. There's also a book purportedly about photojournalism, and it has some useful advice. What it's really about, though, is repackaging some of the work the author has done in other venues and getting some more money from them. This, too, is an important skill of being a professional photographer. Hah!

I guess this is about all I have to say right now.

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