Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

I spent yesterday afternoon at the PCNW digital lab, working on large (11x14) prints of some of my pictures. I was making A Simple Mistake at first that drastically affected the output, but when I asked someone's help she knew exactly what it was.

[neep] I was working in the File menu, and various subsubmenus under the Print With Preview submenu. The problem was caused by a property sheet under the Proof submenu of the View menu. [/neep] Beh! If I'd been working with a Microsoft product, I'd probably have been screaming. I don't know.

Anyway, I got good proof prints (so to speak) of "No Metal NO METAL", "Rebecca Saldaña" and "Salvation." This morning, I'm going to look for "Goliathus Goliathus" (which is no longer in my LJ scrapbook) and see how that looks at 11x14. This is all towards getting a submission together for the members' show.

Working in the lab was fun, to some degree. There were two other people there, and we were all at our workstations quietly sending stuff to the printer. It felt studious. I'd been hoping for a revelation, an opening of new horizons, but what I got was a feeling that my pictures were basically nothing. Hah! In other words, I saw all their flaws and what I wanted to do differently. I saw where the resolution was breaking down into pixelation. Well, today I'll try some more.

That left me feeling off for the rest of the evening. So even though it was overall a very productive day, with a pleasant walk with Julie, and dinner with Julie and Jane, I was left feeling like I hadn't done anything. Oh well. Still, time spent walking and talking and giggling and goofing with Julie is its own reward. Mmmmmmm.

Today is more work for the members' show, a brief meeting with the teacher before class, and class this evening. Tomorrow is helping clean out the last of the Computer Workshop (Jane's new business) and maybe a drive with Julie in the afternoon. Thursday is some work towards the Frye calendar and a family dinner. Friday is pumpkin carving at the Frye. Hah! Somewhere in there I send pictures of the Doney pet clinic to the person I'm working on THAT project with, and get some prints ordered for the Frye.

Well, I better get going.

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