Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

Well, there we go. It's out of my hands now. Well, not quite.

But the images are burned to disc in the format required for the PCNW members' show. I'm submitting six photographs. Four scary doll heads (Insouciance, You Made Me This Way (a much different cropping, I now notice), Resignation, and Salvation), No Metal NO METAL, and Razor Wire Sine Wave. The doll heads, which started as JPGs, I'm submitting as 8x10s. The other two, which started as RAW files, as 11x14. I'm really liking working with RAW and PSD files, even though they can be huge. 5 and 6 Mb is about average straight off the camera, believe it or else. The PSD file for No Metal NO METAL is 35Mb, but that's the largest.

Now comes the anxiety, the waiting, the wishing I could have them back to redo that one thing just ever so to make them perfect, the daydreams of glorious acceptance followed by the nightmares of crushing rejection, etc. For retail therapy, I'm going to buy some more printing paper. Yay!

It was a pretty good week. I worked on photography stuff every single day. That meant neglecting housework, and I got grumpy a few times, and felt pretty pressured at others. I blew off going to the Frye yesterday and meeting the auction coordinator for NARAL (which I regret doing). But I'm making this deadline, I got stuff in for school in time, and I handled an assignment for Real Change.

Last night at the lab, I talked with the woman who's an assistant to the staff person processing the submissions to the show. She said they only had 50 people submitting as of last night, which surprised me. Some people submitted the full ten images, but I still thought there'd be a lot more. She said last year they only had a hundred people submit. For a half second I thought, hey, that increases my chances of getting accepted before I started worrying about what if the juror found NOTHING acceptable? Hah!

Well, I should be off and about.

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