Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

Yesterday I had a brief meeting with the NARAL auction coordinator and her assistant. I think this will be a fun assignment, and they'll be fun people to work with. I'm looking forward to it. Yeah! I'll give them a CD with 40 to 60 jpegs, from which they'll make their selection for website and newsletter use. If they want prints, I'll get reimbursed for printing expenses. I'll send them a detailed email after posting this.

After that, I ambled around Pioneer Square and over to the Frye. There was supposed to be a Halloween party there, but what had happened was the monthly birthday party was at 1, so everyone came to that and then split. Hah! By the time I got there, no one was around. Oh well. I sat around for about an hour, though, with the community developer. I did get some pictures of a couple people I've wanted to photograph, so that was good.

I felt really uncomfortable the first half hour I was there, it took me a long time to relax. I even walked right past two of the people I know best when I first got there, I was so indrawn. Sheesh! While I was feeling uncomfortable, I thought about how maybe there's a virtue to Mary Ellen Mark's approach of hiding behind the camera and clicking away. Or how when you hear about a photojournalist getting to know their subjects, they never talk about the opportunities they messed up because they didn't have the social practice of getting to know their subjects yet. Oh well. Anyway, after a while, I felt better.

Later in the evening, juliebata and I went to see Wallace and Gromit. I tell you, if you ever want to feel like a movie is a private showing, go see it on Halloween night. The movie itself was a hoot and a half. Lots of fun and I highly recommend it. Yeah!

After that, it was back home and more computer putzin'. I looked at the pictures I took earlier in the day, printed out the guidelines for the Santa Fe Center for Photography "Singular Image" competition, and played too much Breakquest. I guess that last goes without saying. Hah!

In the Bad News department, the pictures I took of Octavia Butler for Real Change didn't turn out very well. That sucks, I was hoping to do a good job. The editor called early in the evening, and I spent at least an hour trying to fix the problem he had. Alas, alackaday, the only way to fix the problem he had (color noise and pixelation) was to introduce another problem, blurriness.

Today: write up an email for NARAL, print out my stuff for school, and go to school in the evening. Yeah!

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