Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

Long time no newsy update. I'm in Jack and Anita's apartment, Riley and Anita are napping. I took Riley to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens this afternoon. We saw more trees! More benches! We ran uphill! We saw mud! We saw water not moving it was stuck! We saw people working! And, perhaps a surprise for a botanical garden, we saw more lights!

Almost all the people in the gardens that we saw were getting ready for the Garden d'Lights thing that zoos and gardens have started having between Thanksgiving and New Years. It looks like fun, I might go back when the lights are really on. Or I might go to the Woodland Park Zoo, which has something like that.

Tuesday I took Riley to the Redmond McDonalds and to Marymoor Park. By the time I headed home, I was in rush hour traffic and didn't feel like going to school. The NARAL people had sent me email asking when they could get pictures, so I settled down to work on that. (Last Saturday, the 12th, I covered the NARAL annual auction for them.) Soon there was a chirruping noise. It was the hard drive on my soopa doopa new desktop.

"Hard drive failure? In this day and age?" is what everbody said. Hah! Indeed, it was a hard drive failure, in this day and age. Luckily enough, everything was under warranty (I'd only gotten the system four days before, after all) and UpTime has data recovery services.

The phone rang about 10:45 the next morning, and expecting it to be UpTime Technology, I answered. It was, of course, Gloria from NARAL. I tried to dodge for a little bit, but had to admit to the problem.

At the time, it was a mountain of aggravation, but now it doesn't feel worth relating. They got the pictures off. Had I backed them up? No. Hah! I was able to use Jane's laptop (my ex- laptop) which still had all my stuff on it to work on the pictures.

Then the net went down. QWest said it was said it was QWest. While they straightened it out, I went up to Cafe Zoka and sent NARAL six pictures for their website. Julie and I had made plans to join Andy and Carrie for games. She was able to go on her own, which I was glad of.

Today I talked with NARAL again, and they're satisfied with the pictures for now, and I have until Monday to drop off the CD of images for the Exec Director to review. I thought I'd have to work all day tomorrow. Well, this means I'll be able to work tomorrow on the Frye stuff. Hah! I'm making their calendar. The pictures will be pictures I took of the pets and people, and the dates will be for the Frye and pet stuff. Guess what my family is getting for Christmas. Hah!

Later tonight, Jane and Martha will come in from Seattle, and they, Jack, Anita, and I will have a planning session for the next chemo. I have steaks for dinner, hope they've thawed. Hah!

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