Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

At some point during the night, I woke up with the following words going through my head:

Monkey fish, monkey monkey fish
Monkey fish, monkey key key key fish
Monkey fish, monkey monkey fish

There were two more variations between the first and third lines that I've forgotten. I've also completely forgotten whatever dream inspired those words. Hah! However, I just found out that "monkey fishing" involves sending a mild electrical charge into a river that stuns catfish and sends them to the surface, where they can be scooped up in nets.

Last night and yesterday were both very pleasant. I almost always get food comatose on Thanksgiving, and have to sneak away for a while. Last night I had the wonderful benefit of someone with whom to be comatose, which meant that we snuck away for a little TOO long. Oh well.

It started raining last night, which is cleaning the air quite nicely. Tuesday is the last day of school, and if it gets sunny between now and then I'll go to the dump. We're supposed to do a series of five pictures, related however we choose. By popular acclaim, I was asked to take pictures at the dump. Hah! Oh well.

Today: Julie has a cold, which means a very quiet day. We'd planned to go to Babeland, but won't now. Even if she were healthy, I'd be less interested in venturing out because of the rain. I have a photo due to Real Change, and want to work on the Frye Thanksgiving pictures (from last Saturday, the 19th! Sheesh!). And there are some more pictures I took on walkabout after the Real Change assignment on 15th Ave. And maybe get a book on Photoshop recommended by some other students at the digital lab the other day.

Monkey fish, monkey monkey fish.

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