Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

I went back to the Shop Rite to retake the pictures of the Party Magic Tricks. I had every intention of being good and asking permission, but the man at the counter was busy and I didn't want to bother him.

So I just set up the tripod and started working my way across the display. As far as I noticed, no one even saw me until the very end. But who knows, I was pretty wrapped up in it. I bought one of each item, I might give them to the other students in the class, especially if they have to look at the picture itself.

I took the pictures home and mashed them together. There are lots of mistakes I can see (that other people don't notice unless I point them out, so I should keep my mouth shut. Hah!) but hopefully as I learn more about layering and blending I'll get better at this.

The file was finally over 74Mb as a Photoshop file, and 91 Mb as a TIFF file. And the image was 72 inches long -- hah! It just cracked me up, I had to see it full size.

I ran over to school to print it on the 4800 or 7600, both of which are roll fed printers. The 7600 was available, so I sent it there. At 3:30. There was a woman there, working on her final project, who said it was okay for me to go ahead. But when it was 4:40, and the lab would be closing at 5, and my file was only two-thirds done, she just packed up and went home. The monitor at the lab was willing to wait until it finished, which it finally did at 5:10. Hah! At full size, I can lay one of the packages on top of its image and they match. Maybe I'll print it larger during the break.

Now I have Julie's cold. This makes me think the energy for this picture taking and whatnot was the kind of manic energy you sometimes get just before getting sick. We're sitting at our computers generating huge piles of soggy Kleenex and making disgustting noises. Hah! Twue wuv.

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