Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

Hmmm, let's see. The last few days.

Went to see The Ice Heist with randy_byers. As we handed our tickets to the usher at 7:32, Randy casually asked, "You know it started at 7:15, right?" Gack! I'd thought I was supposed to pick him up at 7:15. Sheesh. As it turned out, we saw the end of the last preview and the movie started up. Hah!

It was good, a dark comedy, as he describes it. The last couple minutes (which felt tacked on) turned it from a neo-noir with comedic aspects into a dark comedy. Sometimes watching a movie like this, I feel like the people in the movie come from a universe in which movies like this don't exist. But I only felt that a couple times.

That was Wednesday night. Thursday was a Riley day while Anita had her 6th chemo. We watched a couple movies, had lunch at Kidd Valley, he played Godzilla on the latest Rokenbok monorail incarnation, and I handed him off to kate_schaefer after his nap.

Thursday afternoon, around dusk, I got an assignment for Real Change. The family that owns Leilani Lanes, a landmark local bowling alley, sold the land to an apartment developer for $6.2 million, and is now bickering with the food service union over $16 a month, per employee, for health insurance. The bowling alley closes in March or April, and I wonder if there's something else the owner might be obligated for if the union contract is in effect when the alley closes.

Anyway, since Thursday afternoon also featured snowlocaust (as opposed to snowpocalypse, which had been a false alarm), there weren't many union people out on the sidewalk. Five altogether. Sigh. I snuck up to the Hillside Motel, which I've wanted to photograph for years. I'll try again later.

Friday (yesterday as I type) there were two actions at Sunset, but also Friday I had a cold relapse. I sent the pictures I got from Leilani in any case.

I did make it to the grocery store. You know the bit about "don't go shopping when you're hungry"? Well, yesterday I encountered "Don't go shopping when you're sick of turkey and mashed potatoes" because I got all kinds of fresh vegetables, salad fixings, etc.

When I came home, Jane was busy and Julie was still asleep, so I set about working in the kitchen. It was loads of fun until I bashed into a tray that had a glass on it, sending all crashing and shattering to the floor. Oh well. That brought the whole thing to a halt.

After napping on the couch for a couple hours, I made dinner, and then Julie and I watched a couple episodes of Six Feet Under. And that was our thrilling day! Woohoo!

Today: more kitchen work, some Vanguard prep (I might make brownies), Vanguard. Tomorrow: Rat cage cleaning, and I'll work out a plan for photo organizing during December. Now, of course, my brain is spinning about the photo organizing ideas, so I'll put those in a separate entry behind a cut for easy skippability.

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