Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

Photo organizing plan

This is mainly to get my thoughts in one place and provide a step by step plan. Feel free to skip.

The downloading software puts all my pictures into a sequentially numbered IMG folder (IMG0245, IMG0246, etc.). The picture files are also numbered sequentially per folder, DSC_####, restarting at 1 with every download.

At first, I did all my work in the IMG#### folders. I'd give a DSC file a descriptive name, then add "_neg", "_crop" or "_web" as necessary. Now, when I decide to develop a DSC file, I save it into a special tree (macro, neon, Real Change), with various subfolders. Each tree is organized by a principle that was intuitively obvious at the time I created it... I'll wait for the computer geeks, librarians, and other people who've worked with data organization to stop laughing. ...

It's not that funny, guys.

Thanks. Each tree mumble mumble intuitively obvious mumble ah, here we are but which I frequently have to go back and figure out by looking at earlier examples.

A couple months ago, I backed up the My Pictures tree using Retrospect, and then copied off all the working trees and IMG folders onto CD-R discs. I didn't print any contact sheets, and I haven't kept up with the copying/backing up. Also, the IMG folders were copied off by category, instead of sequentially.

So here's what I want to do:

Put back all the IMG folders and working trees I've removed. Copy the IMG folders back onto CD-R sequentially, printing contact sheets, and storing the discs and contact sheets in binders.

Copy the working trees onto DVD-RW, with contact sheets and notes. Exactly how I'll record this information will be determined by the software I use, either Bridge (in Creative Suite 2) or ACDSee.

Fakskinatin', innit? Just fakskinatin'. Having typed it out, it looks much more complicated and yet simpler than when it was all up in my head. Hah! Oh well. We'll see how it actually goes. Yeah!

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