Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

First, thank you to everyone who commented to the Jane News post from yesterday. I printed out the post and comments (and emails) for her to read at leisure.

She's up and about today. Still fairly slow and in pain, but overall good. She's on the phone, at least. Hah! (I say that because *I* want to get on the phone, darn it!) Her sleep schedule is wacky (she said she watched Get Shorty at 4 this morning) but she's sleeping lots and that's important.

Last night I started copying all my IMG folders back onto my hard drive. I'm going to try using Adobe Bridge to tag, keyword, and organize them, and then REcopy them onto DVDs. (And put them in binders and include contact sheets... hah! Nothing like making a project too big and complicated to guarantee failure. Yeah!)

I think archiving photos was easier on film. The storage medium stayed the same: Glassine envelopes and boxes. The tracking method stayed the stame: notebooks and pens.

Who is to say that five years from now, CD ROMs or DVD-Rs will still be readable? I remember gerisullivan talking about converting her backups from earlier formats to later ones. The later formats were more efficient, but the conversion itself took a long time.

Maybe I'm too concerned with archiving in my middle age. Twenty and more years ago, in my zine days, I was against it. I'd mail out every copy of something I produced and if I was left with an extra by accident, I'd keep it. Maybe. I do sometimes wish I had copies of Live From the Stagger Cafe one and two, but don't regret it. Or a run of Mollucca. Hah! (Maybe that would be just embarassing. ;>)

I think my concern with archiving comes from being more aware of mortality; more aware how one can forget the brilliant inspiration but good record keeping can help you return to it. (I expect that in addition to sorting and organizing my pictures, I'll find a lot more to process and post.) Or, maybe it's just what I call "all of Western Literature crashing down on my head" -- that is, being a little too aware of the history of one's artform and being too conscious of it in one's own creations. (The quote is from my Clarion, 1985.) I've read a couple introductions about how many negatives and contact sheets Garry Winogrand left behind, and entire categories of photographs by him have been resurrected from that archive.

Um, anyway, I'm copying all my photos so far back onto my hard drive, and I plan to tag, sort, and organize them using Adobe Bridge. Also, I'll repost some I like that I took down a while back, and will probably find a few more to process.

Today so far, other than that, I've talked with Jack and Anita (Anita's doing much better after her 6th chemo than after her 5th) and Adam, the Real Change editor. I have two assignments (both for the Change Agent feature) that I'll follow up on this afternoon. I also have to call the MS Permatemp people to see where my check is (urg!).

Julie and I went to Olympia Pizza and Pasta last night, a neighborhood joint right at Interlake and 45th. So far, we like everything we've gotten -- it's regular pizza/pasta fare, nothing spectacular. The rest of the evening was spent in a long and leisurely cruise round about LJ while feeding CDs into the computer. Yeah!

Today: more of the same. So I'd best get to it.

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