Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

Aurora Bridge
Fremont, Seattle
19 December 2005

The view is looking south from a roof top parking lot, just off Aurora Place N. and N. 34th St. It's about as close to directly under the Aurora Bridge as you can get.

I parked there for my counseling appointment; afterwards, I went home to get my camera and tripod and came back. My idea was to make a panorama, merge things together into a really massive picture, and I wound up taking 65 pictures, with finicky different little settings and angles of view, almost none of which are noticeable.

Last night, I worked on the panorama for at least an hour, then gave up. (I might go back to it.) Then I picked one photo and tried to get rid of the distracting foreground wires, then gave up. Well, this was all well after midnight.

I'm reading Real World Camera Raw (despite my years at Microsoft, easily the most technical computer book I've read voluntarily) and using The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers as an at-hand reference (well, currently it's under-elbow, but you know what I mean). The combined effect of these two books is to make me feel like Coyote, just before he plunges to the bottom of the canyon.

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