Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

The two hours a week household project work with Jane has gone acceptably well so far. We've made and kept two appointments, and there is now a pile of stuff on the front porch for a charity pick up Monday.

Other plans/resolutions for the coming year: Spend two hours a week on project work for my (our, really; Julie's and my) part of the house, the upstairs, particularly the office. I have several boxes of underground comics to sell, and probably lots of books I could part with.

I want to track my personal finances and the household expenses better.

And read more. I look longingly at all the books double stacked and laid atop each other and even on the floor in front of my to-be-read bookcase (it's a small bookcase, at least). And sometimes I think about all the books I just shelved in with the rest without actually having read. Or the books on topics I'm no longer interested in (paper marbling is the exemplar of that; I never did any actual marbling, but I sure was fascinated in books on the subject. Hah! But can I part with the books? No.)

Actually, in that case, it's more like, I have this set of specialized books that possibly someone might be happy to have. The same applies to all the books I have on polyamory and postmodern sexuality. Or the origins of Christianity. Or physical theatre and circus. Maybe someday I'll be interested in these subjects again.

Anyway, I should at least go through the books and make individual decisions.

This is becoming quite a list, and is why I'm leary of new year's resolutions:

  • two hours/week household project with Jane

  • two hours/week office and upstairs projects (includes selling comics and sorting through books)

  • read more

  • track personal money better

  • track household expenses better

Note there's no fun stuff there, like "love Julie more every day" or "play with the rats more" or "spend more time with Riley". I think I don't want those to become goals that then become nags or obligations. (Although I do want to do the latter two, and I do the first as a matter of course. ;>)

For photography, I have a lot of process goals, I guess you could call them:

  • domain name and gallery website

  • cell phone and business license

  • portraiture (drag kings and pregnant punks particularly appeal to me, for some reason)

  • more walkabouts in areas I wouldn't normally go to.

Making lists makes me impatient to get going on them. hah!

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