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Is my face red!

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i think you accidentally sent your journal update to bestshot.

but i'm glad your colonoscopy went well!! :)

After the last couple days, I think my sleep schedule is officially ficked.

Monday I was up early (well, for slacker me at least) to get Julie from the airport. After breakfast, we napped through the afternoon.

Monday night was my first class of the winter quarter at PCNW. I had a double short Americano during the break, then a Pepsi with dinner about ten. Did I sleep well Monday night? No, why do you ask?

Tuesday I got up for a Real Change assignment, then went back to bed for the afternoon. Last night, unsurprisingly, I also had a hard time sleeping. The fact that I was constantly interruped by, um, let's say my colonoscopy prep didn't help. Also, I had to be up at 5 to take the second bottle of laxative so I'd be ready for the procedure by 9:40. Since I was still awake, that was easy. Urg.

The colonoscopy itself went well, I slept through it just like you're supposed to. The out-take nurse was concerned that my belly was so round, and I was too confused to tell her it usually looks like that. So she had me lie on my stomach for a while and encouraged me to let the gas out. Like I need to be told to fart! Hah! Me, the portable biomass to methane conversion facility! (A while later she told a woman behind the curtain next to me to let the gas out, and the woman said "someone else sure is!")

I did send off the Real Change photos from yesterday. I have a follow up call to make and an assignment on Friday afternoon with a deadline Friday evening. Hah! An alternative elementary schoolin South Seattle is having a "unity march" in honor of Martin LutherKing, Jr., Day. (baaaabyradicals)

Off to do my other work now.

Yikes! I meant the bestshit community!

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