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Luke McGuff

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January 19th, 2006

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08:10 pm - My Dinner with Rande
(That's supposed to be a sortofa rhyme with "Andre")

A pass to a sneak preview of "Underworld Evolution" snuck into my possession, and since Julie weren't interested, I asked randy_byers. Now that we're back, I think it was all a secret plot on the part of my subconscious to have dinner at Gordon Biersch, which is right by the theatre.

We got to the mall about 6:30, and the line was already snaking around the entire upper level, so we just bagged the movie. The dinner was filling and tasty, and we talked about... Michel Gondry videos and movies, Underworld, fanzines, LJ, his job, my hopes for job, local fans, marriages and weddingses, and so on. All in all, pretty pleasant. Yeah!

Now we're back home already, to crawl under various rocks and digest. Maybe I should watch that movie I insisted on borrowing when last we spake.

Also, the latest Best. Icon. Evar. (Well, since "Comma sutra"):

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Date:January 20th, 2006 09:26 pm (UTC)
BTW, the name of the Rudy Rucker novel that Gondry is allegedly developing for a movie is Master of Space and Time. IMDb gives this plot outline: "Two mad scientists discover a way to control reality." Isn't that the plot of all of Rucker's books? However, the rumor of this production goes back to 2004, so maybe it's dead by now.

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