Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

So far today:

Counselor: A pretty good session. This week was a Make Some Decisions session. (Last week was an Untie The Knot By Staring Out The Window session.)

Rodent Inspection: The inspector couldn't get up into the attic because of the stuff sprayed yesterday, but she did do an outside inspection and will come back next week. Maybe Jane or I will get up into the attic some day soon and look around ourselves. The inspector did point out to me what could be a means of ingress for whatever is up there.

Wedding plans: We've picked April 1st as the date. Our two choices were April 1st or May 6th, but May 6th turns out to be Corflu, where some of the folks we'd like to have attend will be. We thought of having a back yard wedding, but the weather is pretty unpredictable in April. (As opposed to January, when it's predictably wet, or July, when it's predictably dry.) Picnic shelters are pretty inexpensive, but the picnic season runs from April 1 to Sept. 30, and we wouldn't find out if our site was available to us until late March. I'm going to call the picnic reservations office tomorrow to see if they have better information.

We've wandered into three different jewelry stores, each time getting a little more information about what we really wanted. (For instance, my ring has lost two mm of width and several grams of weight. Hah!) Maybe if we put all that information together, we could visit the three of them again and see who has the best prices.

Photography: I have now keyworded and added metadata to all the photos in my IMG folders. So, now I'll print them all out.

Which means I can start to play Planarity. hah! My secret plan comes to fruition!

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