Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

Last night's pizza was even better than the one before.

We roasted more than a head of garlic and about five cipollini onions (which are small, flat, and sweet). Then we sauteed sausages and crimini mushrooms, two shallots, a red and a yellow bell pepper, and wilted a bunch of fresh spinach. Baked the crust for ten minutes, then spread olive oil and tapenade on it. Then the sausage and shrooms, tomatoes, shallots and spinach. Then the first layer of mozzarella. Then the bell peppers, garlic, and onions, and second layer of cheese. We had to mush things down to get it to fit, and I swear it weighed several pounds. Mmmmmmmmm. I could have eaten Julie's hands they were so tasty from spreading out the ingredients.

25 minutes in the oven, and it was ready. The crust was firmer this time, because of the prebaking. I think it tastes a little too yeasty, but that's because we're using old yeast, and I have to guess the amount. The pizza was so filling, though, I could barely finish my one slice. (The amount of gnoshing while preparing probably had something to do with it.)

After that, we watched an episode and a half or so of Six Feet Under. We started the first, but it was going in a direction we both decided was just completley uncomfortable for the two of us, and skipped ahead to the next.

To tell you the cold hard bitter honest truth, I'm getting a little tired of Six Feet Under. They're starting to repeat some things, and it's getting tedious watching characters make bad choices. Also, the deaths aren't as amusing as the first couple seasons. On the other hand, one of the new secondary characters is beginning to reveal his darker underside, and the actor playing that character is doing an excellent job of making that transition.

Today, waiting for the exterminators (who only have 12 minutes left in the time span they said they'd be here). Nothing much else scheduled.

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