Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff


Bellevue Sheraton
Bellevue, WA
24 September 2005

(Thank you, kalimac!)

I think this picture is why I was so resistant to Photoshop, and it indicates to me that I've caught photoshopitis. You know how when Macs first came out, and everyone had fontimia for a while there (putting seventeen fonts into a design where one would have done), or tagosis in the early days of the web. Photoshopitis is indicated when you make changes to an image, and each change follows logically from the previous, but you wind up making loop de loops or spinning in place. In this case, I ran the reduce noise filter when it was still a color photograph, but then added noise back in when I made it black and white. Hah! Oh well.

What I was trying to do, in case you're interested, was increase the contrast of the shadows. Putting the noise into the grayscale image is a joke, because I think it's amusing to use nearly state of the art equipment to simulate a toy camera. Maybe I should add some vignetting. Hah! I also find it amusing when an electronic music artist simulates vinyl noise on a CD.

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