Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

Graffiti Mosaics in X-ActoMundo

Stencils have been used for centuries as a form of early artistic expression, and more recently as a tool for creating the signs that permeate our urban landscapes.

Today, there has been a resurgence of stencils as a form of counterculture communication...

Opening: Friday, April 6th, 8 p.m., 21+, DJs.

Ouch My Eye
1022 1st Ave. S.
Seattle, WA

Space permitting, this show includes the following Graffiti Mosaics pieces:

American Way Sewer:

Girls Stencil:

Skull Flowers:

The Graffiti Mosaics series has been exhibited at VAIN Salon and Gallery,in Belltown; and Verite Coffee/Cupcake Royale in Ballard. Skull Flowers was part of the Photographic Center Northwest's annual members juried show.

CONTINUING: A selection of the Crane Constructions series continues at Real Networks through mid-May. To see the work,contact Loyci Stockey, loycis[at]real[dot]com.
Crane Constructions:

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