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Whale Tail

This is one of the whales that joined us for dinner. Here it is diving for another helping.

Juvenile Breaching

Looks like fun to me. This whale played off in the distance for at least an hour. For most of that time, it splashed in front of a fishing boat. This was the closest it got to us.

Brown Bear Eating Oystercatcher Eggs

Both brown and black bears come in a variety of overlapping colors. You can tell this is a brown bear by the hump on its back, which helps it dig the roots sedges it likes to eat. The other distinguishing feature between brown and black bears you probably don't want to be close enough to see: Brown bears have much longer claws, also in aid of digging.

The naturalist said that this bear was likely a male, because a female would have been accompanied by a cub.

What we see it doing here, we thought, was eating oystercatcher eggs. Oystercatchers lay their eggs on rocky beaches, and as soon as the bear left the brush, the oystercatchers went mad, shrieking and flying all over. That's one in the foreground. After the delicious raw eggs, the bear went back to its seasonal, organic Muddy Root salad.

The color of the water is due to the glacial silt suspended in it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Terns and Kittiwakes

We found it very amusing how segregated the birds were: Terns to the left, kittiwakes to the right, and only a couple border guards in the middle. They're all looking at Margerie Glacier, same as we were. And thinking about lunch, same as we were.

More to come.
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