Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

photograph magazine

photograph magazine
September/October 2007

photograph is almost the complete opposite of Daylight Magazine (my comments on Daylight) in several ways.

First, it's almost completely ads. Not counting the indices and listings, less than 10% of its 176 pages are written for this issue (I double checked).

The ads, however, are the point. This is the place where galleries and museums (particularly from New York City, but other cities as well) place their ads to be seen by all the other galleries and museums advertising in photograph. This magazine is about nothing but the commerce end of fine art photography.

It's pretty stunning in how busy it makes fine art photography feel, how much there is going on. I was amused to see ads for two upcoming shows for people who were in the recent PCNW show "Up & Now" (Rachel Dunville and Andy Freeberg).

This is a good magazine to get a sense of what galleries in other locations are showing, and if it would be worth while to send those galleries a portfolio or CD. But the articles are brief, and there is not enough work presented by any one photographer to make it worth while. This came highly recommended, and I was able to look at a sample. But if I'd studied the sample more closely, I probably wouldn't have subscribed.
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