Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

Wyalusing Pictures

I'm going to be a little more indulgent than usual with the pictures from Wyalusing. Because the pictures I took are such great art? No, because it was a wonderful time. Hah! Take that, art school pretension!

Our Picnic Lunch

Julie on the Beach

The Mississippi river behind her. It's not too obvious at this resolution, but she's smiling.

Large Barge

Piloted by Large Marge. She used to be a Sarge, but she's still in charge.

Big Train, Too Close

If you're standing so close you can see the rocks in the ballast bouncing around, and the tracks bend as the train rolls over them, you're too close.

Butterfly in Flight

I particularly like the shadow.

Full frame

Tail Detail

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