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Ten from the Parade - Luke McGuff — LiveJournal

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June 25th, 2008

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10:26 pm - Ten from the Parade
All are pretty much safe for work. I'm too lazy to make links to larger versions for all of them. Sorry!

Cousin Kenney


Capoeira Dancer

Parade Participant


Parade Dancer

Squirt Bottle Girl

Peace Babe and Dour Man

Giant Puppet

Post-Parade Crowd

Okay, I'll link to that last one just so you can get a good idea of how crowded the parade was.

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Date:June 26th, 2008 06:10 am (UTC)
My faves are the Capoeira dancer and Cousin Kenney (whom I want to see on an album cover somewhere).
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Date:June 26th, 2008 04:14 pm (UTC)
I shudder to think what kind of music it would be. Kid's music you wouldn't play for kids. Hah!
(Deleted comment)
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Date:June 26th, 2008 02:37 pm (UTC)
Julie likes Squirt Bottle Girl as well.
Date:June 26th, 2008 03:23 pm (UTC)
I heart Squirt Bottle Girl too. She looks like she's having a blast. (And what kid wouldn't enjoy squirting water at people?)

That action shot of the capoiera dancer is pretty spect-ocular.
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Date:June 26th, 2008 04:13 pm (UTC)
As I recall, there was a small group of them just ahead of the parade. And yes, they all had fun squirting people with the water.

I keep wanting to track down people and whatnot. Who were the capoeira people? Would they be willing to have some pictures taken? Who owns that rusty jalopy? Where does that highway lead to? Why did I have two coffees this morning?
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Date:June 26th, 2008 02:26 pm (UTC)
Great stuff, Luke. You make me really regret having missed it all.
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Date:June 26th, 2008 02:40 pm (UTC)
Thanks... I think. Well, there's always next year.

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