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holyoutlaw's Journal

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Luke McGuff
30 June 1957
External Services:
  • holyoutlaw@livejournal.com

My name is Luke McGuff. I'm 55, and a student at Antioch University Seattle in the Liberal Arts BA completion program. I'm madly in love with juliebata, who has lived in Seattle since September, 2005. We were married on 1st April 2006. We live in Ballard. I like the phrase "God is no respecter of persons."

In the last year, I've gotten heavily involved in urban park restoration. Basically, pulling ivy. And blackberry. And holly. And laurel. And numerous other invasive plants.

I'm holyoutlaw on flickr as well. That's slightly better organized than my LJ here, and the closest I currently (July 2011) have to a portfolio.

Posting policy:

My public posts are photographs, I post a few photos a week. I post them inline, 640 pixels or less wide, 480 pixels or less tall. This is smaller than most of the photographers I read on LJ.

My newsy posts are friends-locked. Not for any particular salaciousness of my life, or false hope that this will protect my so-called privacy, but just because I want non-LJ people to see only photographs.

Reading policy:

Most of my LJ reading time is spent with people I know IRL from sf fandom or Seattle in one way or another. I also read a lot of photographers.

Friending Policy:

I add or drop people and communities for various reasons, and usually without politely saying anything. Feel free to add or drop me as you wish yourself.

I also maintain/moderate the beaglepix and wiscon communities.
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